Under Cover Officer
To the fine folks at Universal Holster: My name is confidential due to obvious reasons.  I am an Officer with the Minneapolis Police Department Narcotics Squad.   I am writing to tell you how your fine holster worked above and beyond it's call of duty.  On August 27th, 1996, I was working in one of our outer metro areas when we saw a narcotics deal in progress.  My partner and I gave chase on foot.  The whole time I was running never once did my Glock 27 seem to be coming out of your holster.   As we jumped fences and ran into backyards, my Universal Holster was always secure right where it was supposed to be.  When I caught my suspect he resisted, causing me to take him down.  At that moment, as I was just about to cuff my suspect, one of our uniformed officers saw us on the ground and thought this was an assault in progress.   Not knowing I was a Police Officer he pulled me off my suspect and slammed me into a wall cracking the dummy pager on my Universal Holster.  Even with my body pinned to the wall and the pager shattered, I was still able to draw my weapon and complete my arrest.  We later found that our suspect was wanted on a warrant out of Mexico for killing a Police Officer.  It is my opinion that had I not had the Universal Holster on that night, me and my fellow Officer may have been killed.  Thank you for making such a fine product.  I think every Undercover Officer should have one.
Very Thankful, Still On Duty and Alive

This is a comment from one of our clients in Mobile:
"John, when I purchased that holster from you today you suggested I wear it without my gun to get used to it first I guess.
Well, I wore it all day with my S&W 640, driving, walking, hiking and everywhere.
Exactly what I've been needing.
Thank you."

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